Reporter's Notebook
Vincent Starrett
reface by John Robert Colombo


Volume 11. Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

Recognized as the leading bookman of his day, Vincent Starrett was a veteran journalist and foreign correspondent. Here are the highlights of his highly readable journalism from Ready's Mirror, Chicago Herald and Examiner, China Days, and Other Essays. Imagine between the covers of one book: "The Boy Who Liked Guns," "Value of Anecdote," "Speaking of Oysters," and "Dada and Jada."

A Collection of Starrett's miscellaneous writings, containing 36 essays and articles dating back as early as 1917 from such magazines and newspapers as Reedy's Mirror, and the Chicago Herald and Examiner and Tribune. Includes reminiscences of his newspaper days, his stay in China, his own literary career. Also pieces on Carl Van Vechten, Ernest Hemingway, Lin Yutang, George Gissing, Sherlock Holmes, the old dime novels, music, books, and many others written in Starrett's inimitable style and sardonic sense of humor. All but a handful have never appeared in book.

Starrett's essays discuss America's first war with Germany (in the 1880s), Edgar Alan Poe, John McCutcheon, Dr. Neil Cream (one of Chicago's worst murderers), book collecting, literary pets, the origin of the famous poem ‘Twas the Before Christmas, and unpublished chapter from his autobiography. Also included is a newly discovered and unpublished essay belonging to his book "Memorable Meals" (Vol 2 in this series), and other fascinating adventures. None of these important essays have ever appeared in any book.

Hard Cover with full colour Dustjacket, 349 pp.
ISBN 1-896648-02-9 $36.00

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