The Eleventh Juror and Other Crime Classics
Vincent Starrett


Volume 6. The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

Ten classic mystery stories written by Vincent Starrett but never before collected appear in this volume assembled by scholar Peter Ruber. In his introduction, Ruber explains that the story "The Eleventh Juror" is the Chicago bookman and writer's most popular short story and one of the classic crime stories of the century but it has never before appeared in a Starrett collection. It appears here along with other intriguing, puzzling, and gripping "crime stories."

Vincent Starrett's most popular short story has become one of the classic crime stories of the century. Since it was first published in 1927, writes editor Peter Ruber in his Introduction, "it has assumed a life form of its own." It was reprinted several times in detective story magazines during the 1930s and 40s, and appeared in some of the most important anthologies of our time. In addition, it was adapted twice for radio dramatizations and was widely syndicated newspapers around the world by the King Features Syndicate for nearly 20 years.

Oddly enough, The Eleventh Juror never appeared in any of the author's own short story collections, although it was one of his favourite tales. This new volume includes 9 other classic Starrett stories - the rare Sherlock Holmes pastiche, The Unique Hamlet, plus Murder at the Opera, Testimony of the Dog, Picture for Ronald Colman, Fog Over Hong Kong, Dilemma at Shanghai, Too Many Sleuths, A Volume of Poe and Street of Idols, an entertaining variety of mystery, suspense, and foreign intrigue that will keep you glued to your armchair.

Casebound Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 225 pp.
ISBN 1-896032-78-8 $30.00

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