Collected Poems
Vincent Starrett

Volume 1: The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

  With an Afterword by Albert Rosenblatt

Starrett's death in 1974 at the age of 87 marked the end of a special era in American letters. He was a true renaissance man, a bookman and prolific writer who distinguished himself as an essayist with such imposing volumes as Buried Caesars, Penny Wise and Book Foolish, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Books Alive, Bookman's Holiday, Books and Bipeds, Book Column, and his autobiography, Born in a Bookshop.

Starrett also wrote eight volumes of poetry between 1918 and 1949, including Flame and Dust, Banners in the Dawn, Ebony Flame, Autolycus in Limbo and Brillig. All were published in limited editions that are now impossible to find even in antiquarian bookstores. This long overdue collection of more than 300 poems includes many that have never appeared between covers. It is a important collection that will go far toward establishing Starrett's reputation as a poet of stature.

"Mr. Starrett supplies something alien to modern verse namely humour ... I have had a rare time with his poetry." – William Rose Benét

Essayist Christopher Morley has contributed a poetic foreword and editor Peter Ruber has contributed an introduction to this collection of approximately 300 poems and verses written throughout his life by Vincent Starrett, the Toronto-born, Chicago-based novelist, essayist, and poet and versifier. They are works that never seem to age: "How very near they seem, yet how remote / That age before the world went all awry."

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