A Little Anthology
Introduced by Peter Ruber, in a posthumous collaboration with Esther Longfellow

Volume 9. Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

This is one of the most remarkable books in this series. It brings together all the available "Little Anthology" columns Vincent Starrett compiled for the Chicago Tribune between 1946 and 1961. They contained sparkling gems about the literary life that he culled from his weekly readings. A Little Anthology appeared anonymously under the byline of Autolycus, a pseudonym that Starrett often used during his literary career, and it appeared alongside his legendary "Books Alive" column.

These columns were painstakingly collected over many decades by Starrett's old friend and collector Esther Longfellow. Editor Ruber has culled nearly 1400 quotations from these columns, added scores of pungent and amusing quotes from Starrett's own books, and almost 400 more from Starrett's "Books Alive" column. Included are two appendices that add a score of newly discovered poems and more "Memorable Morsels" quotations found after we published Memorable Meals.

The subtitle says it all: "Quotations on the Literary Life, the Joys of Reading, the Fine Art of Book Collecting, on Life and Love & Other Sublunary Dispensations." These are quotations from literary sources (Samuel Butler, Anatole France, G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.) and they were collected by Vincent Starrett and published in his notable column in the Chicago Tribune between the years 1946 and 1961. Peter Ruber has amassed these contributions (building in part on the work of Esther Longfellow) and has introduced the collection. Series. Extensive author and title indexes. Hardcover, with photographic jacket.

Black Cloth Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 229p. with Index
ISBN 1-896648-00-2 $30.00

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