Memorable Meals
Vincent Starrett

Volume 2: The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library.

Peter Ruber has collected and introduced the contents of this book, the full title of which is "The Classic Gourmet Magazine Series of Memorable Meals, Together with Some Memorable Morsels." The text consists of 26 essays on dining that appeared in Gourmet Magazine from 1957 to 1966. They were contributed by the Chicago bookman Vincent Starrett. (One of them is titled "Some Repulsive Breakfasts.") They now appear in book form for the first time.

How did picnics originate? What did famous writers like O. Henry eat in jail? Did Adam really tempt Eve with an apple? Which writers and statesmen were noted for having pets at table? What did vegetarians like George Bernard Shaw eat? What were the odd eating habits of kings, queens and presidents? You'll find out, plus hundreds of other fascinating facts in this gastronomic tour of history, engagingly written with impeccable scholarship.

Memorable Meals was Vincent Starrett's last major writing project. All but one of the twenty-five essays in this collection appeared in the pages of Gourmet magazine between 1957-1966, from which archives they have now been rescued by Peter Ruber, whose Introduction chronicles the history of this outstanding and literate series of essays. "One of the most civilized minds of the 20th century." — London Times

Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 218p.
ISBN 1-896032-64-8 $30.00

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