The Escape of Alice and Other Fantasies
Vincent Starrett

Volume 7. The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

Here is a grab-bag of humour, horror, allegory and mystery written in the author's engaging style. included are the rare Alice in Wonderland pastiche, "The Escape of Alice," the delightful "Dog That Spoke French," a strange tale of voodoo in "Holding the Bag," Edgar Allan Poe's last night on earth in "An Author and his Character," the diverting parody of detective story writers in "The S.S. Van Dine Murder Case," the weird "Truth About Delbridge," the amusing "Widow of Maltrata," plus several rare Christmas stories – "Monologue in Baker Street," "Snow for Christmas," "Surprise Party: A Christmas Allegory," and "The Lucky Break."

Twenty-three diverting tales in all, told by a master story-teller, and guaranteed to keep you in suspense. Most of the stories in this rich collection were culled from old newspaper and magazine files, which might easily be regarded as one of his most versatile and entertaining volumes.

This collection brings together 23 short stories that were originally contributed to newspapers and magazines by the Chicago bookman Vincent Starrett. Peter Ruber has collected them and contributed an introduction which asks the following question about these stories: "Do you like them ghostly, humorous, allegorical, enchanting, satirical, sentimental–or with a touch of the macabre?" If you like them like this, you will like the present collection.

Casebound Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 205 pp.
ISBN 1-896032-80-X $30.00

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