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Singalong With Sherlock Holmes
Jim Ballinger
Plastic Comb, 276 pp.
ISBN 1-9695673-7-7 @ $30.00
Black Cloth Hard Cover, 276 pp.
ISBN 1-9695673-7-7 @ $50.00







A Poetic Tribute to Baker Street
Philip Brogdon
Chapbook with Card Cover, 40 pp.
ISBN 1-896032-73-8 @ $15.00






Sherlockian Heraldry
John Brousch
Chapbook 20p. with CD
ISBN 1-55246-622-1 @ $25.00








The Sherlockian Star Chamber
Steve Clarkson
Cover by Paul Churchill
Numbered Hard Cover, 292 pp.
ISBN 1-896648-71-1 @ $45.00
The Sherlockian Star Chamber Questions
Steve Clarkson and Paul Churchill
Paperback, 106p.
ISBN 1-896648-88-6 @ $12.00
The Sherlockian Star Chamber Answers
Steve Clarkson and Paul Churchill
Paperback, 186p.
ISBN 1-896648-89-4 @ $14.00






Seventeen Steps to Slimness
Susan Z. Diamond
Cover by Paul Churchill
Chapbook with Colour Cover, 40 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-198-X @ $10.00






Joe Fink Tells Tall Sherlockian Tales
Joe Fink
Cover by Paul Churchill
Ochre Cloth Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 136 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-060-6 @ $25.00




Baker Street Rhymes and Riddles
Jim Goehmann
Cover by Paul Churchill
Quality paperback,  238 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-545-4 @ $35.00

The Poems of Sherlock Holmes
Leroy Gorman
Illustrated by Paul Churchill
Chapbook with Card Cover,
ISBN 1-55246-350-8@ $10.00







Sherlock Holmes Visits A Cemetery
Donald Izban, J-P Cagnat and Paul Churchill
Chapbook, 42p.
ISBN 1-55246-194-7 @ $10.00
Hard Cover, 44p.
ISBN 1-55246-195-5 @ $75.00
Guideposts for Enjoying a Short Stay in New York City
Donald B. Izban
Cover by Paul Churchill
Chapbook with colour cover, 80 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-489-X @ $15.00
The Baker Street Dozen–Sherlockian Exercises
Donald B. Izban
Cover by Paul Churchill
Chapbook with Colour Cover, 44 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-196-3 @ $10.00



Investigating Chicago
Donald B. and Patricia Izban
Cover by Paul Churchill
Paperback 84 p.
ISBN 978-1-55246-524-0 @$15.00
The Problem of the Nine Sazeracs (2009)
Patricia and Donald Izban
Quality Trade Paperback, 56 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-55246-860-9  @$18.00







Quotations from Baker Street
Christopher Redmond
Chapbook with Card Cover, 48 pp.
ISBN 1-896032-16-8 @ $10.00
A Sherlockian Pictionary
Christopher Redmond & Paul Churchill
Chapbook, 40p.
ISBN 1-55246-000-2 @ $10.00
A Compound of Excelsior (1991)
Susan Rice
Soft Cover, 90 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-938501-14-3 @$20.00










The Compleat Canon of Turlock Loams
John Ruyle
Commentary by Raymond de Groat
Introduction by Michael H. Kean

Quality Trade Paperback, 260 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-308-8  $30.00






Doggerel in the Night-Time (1991)
Deborah W. Sage
Soft Cover, 91 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-938501-13-5 @$20.00


101 Sherlock Holmes Crossword Puzzles
Franklin Saksena
Cover by Paul Churchill
Paperback, 242p.
ISBN 1-55246-193-9 @ $20.00

Hard Cover, 242p.
ISBN 1-55246-192-0 @ $35.00

101 More Sherlock Holmes Crossword Puzzles and Acrostixs
Franklin Saksena
Quality Trade Paper Back. 221+ pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-879-1 @ $30.00

The Really Ragged Shaw
John Bennett Shaw
Introduction by Saul Cohen
Quality Trade Paperback, 176 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-980-4 @ $20.00

E-Book: Adobe PDF file
ISBN 978-1-55246-979-8  $10.00

Sherlockian Twaddle
Steve Tolins
Cover by Paul Churchill
Cloth Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 155 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-186-6 @ $25.00