The Sanctuary Club and The Heart of the Mystery
L. T. Meade and Robert Eustace

        With Introductions by Rick Lai


The Sanctuary Club

    Chapter I The Death Chair
    Chapter II A Visible Sound
Chapter III  The Diana Sapphire
    Chapter IV  East of North
Chapter V "A Handful of Ashes"
Chapter VI The Secret of the Prison House

The Heart of the Mystery
    No. I Mademoiselle Delacourt
No. II  A Little Smoke
No. III  The Tiger’s Claw
No. IV  A Conjuring Trick
No. V  A Gallop with the Storm
No. VI  The Lost Square

       Pocket Lost Treasure #24
Quality Trade Paperback, A Tumble-Turn book. 127 pp. and 117 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-405-4   $22.00

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