Raffles: The Amateur Crackman
E. W. Hornung and Eugene Prescott


    Personae Dramatis

        The Earl of Amersteth Mr. Frederick Volpé.
         Lady Melrose (his sister) Miss Hilda Thorpe.
   Viscount Crowley (his son) Mr. Courtenay Foote.
         Lady Ethel (his daughter) Miss Lettice Fairfax.
        Gwendoline Conran (a cousin) Miss Jessie Bateman.
        Curtis Bedford Mr. Dion Boucicaull.
        Merton (his assistant) Mr. James Franklyn.
        Crawshay (a burglar) Mr. Laurence Irving.
        Mrs. Vidal Miss Sarah Brooke.
        Marie (a French maid) Miss Florence Sinclair.
        Goldby (a butler) Mr. Horton Cooper.
        Barraclough (Porter at the Albany)
        Harry Manders (better known as
        "Bunny") Mr. Graham Brown.
A.J. Raffles Mr. Gerald du Maurier

    The Script

        ACT I Milchester Abbey. Dorset—September—Evening.

        ACT II The same. Next morning.

        ACT III Raffles’s Chambers. The Albany—London. Next afternoon.\

        ACT IV The same. Night. Time of action:—Twenty-four hours.

    Quality Trade Paperback, 112 pp.
ISBN-10 1-55246-079-7     $15.00

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