Martin Hewitt and Other Detective Stories
The Arthur Morrison Omnibus Edition

Volume 1: This is the first Folio Omnibus volume to be devoted to the writings of the English writer Arthur Morrison (1863-1945). Peter Keating contributes a comprehensive essay on the period, the author, and his writings. Reprinted are the forty or so cases that appeared in the following six collections: Martin Hewitt Investigator (1894), The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Detective (1895), The Adventures of Martin Hewitt (1896), The Dorrington Deed-Box (1897), The Red Triangle: Being Some Further Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Investigator (1903), The Green Eye of Goona: Stories of a Case of Tokay or The Green Diamond (1904). Reproduced are the original illustrations by Sidney Paget, W. Kirkpatrick, T.S.C. Crowther, Stanley L. Wood, and F.H. Townsend.

Cloth-bound edition. Folio Hard Cover, NO DUSTJACKET 400p.
ISBN 1-55246-380-X $75.00


Volume 2: Working Class Fiction: Tales of Mean Streets, A Child of the Jago, To London Town, Cunning Murrell, The Hole in the Wall and Divers Vanities
Folio Hard Cover, 400p.
ISBN 978-1-55246-381-9

Volume 3: Miscellaneous The Shadows Around Us, Zig-Zags at the Zoo, Green Ginger and Fiddle O' Dreams and More.
Folio Hard Cover, 400p.
ISBN 978-1-55246-382-6

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