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In Lovecraft's Shadow
August Derleth
Folio Hard Cover, 366p.
ISBN 1-55246-003-7 @ $75.00
The Final Adventures Of Solar Pons
August Derleth
Introduced by Peter Ruber
Hard Cover, 200p.
ISBN 1-55246-012-6 @ $32.00
Original Text Solar Pons Omnibus
August Derleth
Introduced by Peter Ruber
Folio Hard Cover 2 Vol., 1100pp.
ISBN 1-55246-077-0 @ $200.00
The Dragnet Solar Pons
August Derleth
Edited and Annotated by Mark Wardecker
Trade Paper back, 339+ pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-848-7 @ $25.00










The Solar Pons Canon in paperbacks
August Derleth
Set of 9 Quality Trade Paperbacks
A Work in Progress
Carnacki - The Ghost-Finder
William Hope Hodgson
Paperback, 197p.
ISBN 978-1-55246-843-2 @ $30.00
The Adventures Of The Mill Creek Irregulars
August Derleth
All introduced by Richard Fawcett
Set of
10 quality paperbacks, 1300p.
ISBN 1-896648-15-0 @ $100.00
The Moon Tenders
August Derleth
Volume 1. Paperback, 130p.
ISBN 1-896648-16-9 @ $10.00
The Mill Creek Irregulars
August Derleth
Volume 2. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-17-7 @ $10.00
The Pinkertons Ride Again
August Derleth
Volume 3. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-18-5 @ $10.00
The Ghost Of Black Hawk Island
August Derleth
Volume 4. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-19-3 @ $10.00
The Tent Show Summer
August Derleth
Volume 5. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-20-7 @ $10.00
The Irregulars Strike Again
August Derleth
Volume 6. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-21-5 @ $10.00
The House By The River
August Derleth
Volume 7. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-22-3 @ $10.00
The Watcher On The Heights
August Derleth
Volume 8. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-23-1 @ $10.00
The Prince Goes West
August Derleth
Volume 9. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-24-X @ $10.00
Three Straw Men
August Derleth
Volume 10. Paperback, 100p.
ISBN 1-896648-25-8 @ $10.00


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