The August Derleth Library
New Collections and Reprints

Still Small Voice
Zona Gale Biography
August Derleth
Trade Paperback 245p.
ISBN 978-1-896648-27-9

The Sac Prairie Journals
August Derleth
Folio Hard Cover, 400p.
ISBN 978-1-55246-146-4
Writing Fiction
August Derleth
Paperback 145p. with Index
ISBN 978-1-55246-441-0
The Complete Adventures of Judge Peck
August Derleth
Folio Hard Cover 592p.
ISBN 978-1-896648-31-6

Never Published Before

The Solar Pons Encyclopedia
Robert Brooks and Bill Dutch
Paperback 300p.
ISBN 978-1-896648-51-4
Derleth-Harrison Correspondence
August Derleth and Michael Harrison
Introduction by David Hammer
Hard Cover, Index, 201p.
ISBN 978-1-55246-273-7
The Angler's Companion
August Derleth
Paperback, 201p. With Index
ISBN 978-1 55246 015 3
More Country Matters
August Derleth/H&W
Paperback, 150p.
ISBN 978-1 55246 420-5
A Sense of Place: Literary essays & lectures
August Derleth/H&W
Paperback, 400p.
ISBN 978-1 55246 426-7
Two Redbook Novels
August Derleth/H&W
Paperback, 180p.
ISBN 978-1 55246 422-9
Three New Sac Prairie Novels
August Derleth/H&W
Paperback, 180p.
ISBN 978-1 55246 424-3