Weird Crimes & Servants of Satan
Seabury Quinn
Introduction by Peter Ruber


Seven strange tales of werewolves, grave robbing, and murder, and other true crimes, which appeared in the pages of Weird Tales magazine in 1923-24. During his long writing career Quinn wrote more than 500 short stories, 146 of which appeared in Weird Tales, making him the most prolific contributor to this magazine. Included are Bluebeard; The Grave Robbers; The Magic Mirror Murders; Swiatek, the Beggar; Mary Blandy; The Werewolf of St. Bonnot; and The Human Hyena.

And also 6 tales of witchcraft about Salem, Mass., appeared in Weird Tales in 1925 include The Salem Horror; Martha Cory; George Burroughs, Martyr; Saint of Salem; The End of the Horror; and Maria Schweider. Although Seabury Quinn was a lawyer specializing in mortuary jurisprudence. He taught this subject at mortuary schools for many years, and for some 15 years was the editor of Casket & Sunnyside, a leading trade journal. His knowledge of death-rites, strange phenomena, arcane religious and macabre practices, the occult and black arts around the world, would have filled several books.

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