The Other Seabury Quinn Stories
Seabury Quinn
With new illustrations by Peter Francis
An Introduction by Rodney Schroeter


Seabury Quinn wrote 500 or so short stories, and Weird Tales published 154 of them. They were among the magazine's most popular tales. Quinn was a story teller in the grand manner, and The Other Seabury Quinn Stories consists of Volume 4 and Volume 5 in his Collected Works. Although immensely popular in his day, Quinn has been strangely neglected in ours. These volumes make all his fiction available in attractive editions for the first time.

Volume 4, subtitled "The Globe of Memories and Weird Tales," is illustrated by Peter Francis and introduced by Rodney Schroeter. It collects forty-two stories reprinted from such magazines as Real Detective Tales & Mystery Stories, Weird Tales, Thrilling Adventures, Short Stories, etc. Reproduced are original cover and text illustrations. Folio-sized Hardcovers, four-colour cover. 425 pages
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ISBN 1-55246-674-4 (v.4). 424 pages. $95.00

Volume 5, subtitled "Suzette and Weird Tales," is illustrated by Peter Francis and includes contributions by Rick Lai and Rodney Schroeter. It reprints forty stories from Jungle Stories, Thrill Book Strange Stories, Detective Stories Magazine, Weird Tales, etc. Folio-sized Hardcovers, four-colour cover. 435 pages
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ISBN 1-55246-675-2 (v. 5). $95.00


Addendum: Additional items which have surfaced since publication

  Download Table of Contents of Volume 4 and 5 to check if you have a missing story

1. "The Law of the Movies" Motion Picture Magazine 1917 (from C.A. Strigas, Greece)
2. "Painted Gold" Young's Magazine, May 1919 (from C.A. Strigas, Greece)
3. The Future of Weird Tales. Spaceways v.3#1 (17 December 1940)

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