The Complete Adventures of Jules de Grandin
Seabury Quinn


Commentary by Robert Weinberg, Seabury Quinn, Jr. and Jim Rockhill

The 93 Jules de Grandin, novellas and short stories, along with the one de Grandin novel, published in folio sized volumes, reset from the original magazine appearances in very readable double-sized columns. This includes every de Grandin story from "The Horror on the Links" in 1925 through "The Ring of Bastet" in 1951. Three volumes set with informative introductions by Robert Weinberg and another, his first ever piece on the de Grandin stories by Seabury Quinn, Jr. All three volumes come with inlaid red place markers and colour jackets. Sold as a set only. One of the few reprint projects that Bob Weinberg predicted "could never be done." This is a must for any fan of weird fiction and a must for anyone who just likes great stories about supernatural sleuths.

Black cloth with red ribbon, 3 Volumes Folio Hard Cover, 1300 pp.
ISTC A032010000000BEF
ISBN 1-55246-252-8 $325.00

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