Murder at Three Cents a Day
William Deeck and Bill Pronzini


Until now no one has studied the popular novels issued by those publishing companies that specialized in supplying books to the lending libraries that flourished in the United States between the mid-1930s and the late-1960s – eleven publishers including Mystery House, Arcadia House, and Phoenix Press. Murder at 3c a Day was compiled and edited for this purpose by the noted collector William F. Deeck who supplies bibliographical information including blurbs on all books issued, along with an introduction by Bill Pronzini, an article on the circulating library by Charles S. Strong, plus five indexes (series characters, settings, subjects, artists, authors-titles). This basic reference work draws attention to a little-noted aspect of popular culture of considerable interest to readers and students of 20th century society.

   Folio-size paperback, colour cover. 221 double-columned pages.
    ISBN 978-1-55246-748-0 @ $40.00

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