Crime Fiction IV
A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-2000
A Completely Revised and Updated Edition
Allen J. Hubin


This final edition of "Crime Fiction" is the culmination of more than thirty years of bibliographic research into crime (mystery / detective / suspense / spy / thriller) fiction by Allen J. Hubin.

Previous editions of this massive reference were praised by everyone who reviewed them and were featured on Booklist's list of the Best Books of the 1980s. Now expanded and updated through 2000. Features:

About the author: Allen J. Hubin was founder and editor of The Armchair Detective, recipient of two Edgar Allan Poe awards from the Mystery Writers of America, mystery fiction reviewer (New York Times Book Review, 1968-1971, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 1982-1988, and elsewhere), and anthologist.

Five folio hard covers, black cloth: 2700 pages.
The set ISBN 1-55246-501-2 $625.00

This is the last word, the ultimate authority. It is the fourth edition, completely revised and updated, of Allen J. Hubin's comprehensive bibliography of crime fiction (from 1749 to 2000). It appears in five volumes. The Author Index extends over the first three volumes. The Titles Index is covered in the fourth volume. The fifth volume includes Series, Settings, Movies, Screenwriters, and Directors. More than 109,000 titles indexed. Double-columned pages. Set of five folio, hardbound volumes, 2,700 pages.

For this 4th and final edition the Author has

"... the most comprehensive list of its kind ... a masterwork ... This monumental production is one of the two or three cornerstone volumes in any mystery library." Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine May 1979"

"... magnificent ... just about everything one could want ..." The New Republic April 7, 1979"

"... "An important and long-awaited reference book ... Hubin is uniquely qualified to complete this seemingly impossible task ..." Wilson Library Bulletin February, 1979"

"Now the standard reference work in what has become a popular field is even better, more complete and above all extremely useful." Murder Ad Lib"

"The biggest and best index of its kind..." The New York Times Book Review"

"Buy it! ... an essential source." Wilson Library Bulletin"

"The definitive bibliography of crime fiction." Reference Quarterly"

"Highly recommended." American Reference Books Annual"

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