King of the Pulps: H. Bedford-Jones Bibliography
Peter Ruber, Victor Berch and Darryl Richardson

Henry Bedford-Jones (1887-1949). His name dominated the popular fiction magazines during the first half of the 20th century, and many collectors and literary historians consider him to be one of the most prolific writers of his time. He was so mentally organized he could write several stories and novels at the same time, using four typewriters lined up on his work tables. Conservative estimates say he published more than 25 million words.

Despite his prolificacy, HB-J kept few records of his published stories and seldom spoke about himself in public. After an intensive five-year hunt, a nearly-complete HB-J bibliography is finally available. Included are important essays that provide unique glimpses into his life and times, the sources of the many pseudonyms he used over a 40-year writing career, and several chapters of autobiography HB-J wrote in 1947 at the request of a long-time literary colleague. In addition to many pages of pulp magazine covers, the author-compilers have added a Sherlock Holmes pastiche HB-J wrote for one of his literary hoaxes, and an exciting, previously unknown John Solomon adventure novelette set in a North African desert, which was discovered just as this book went into production.

Paperback 316p.
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