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Native Series

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Native Series

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John Robert Colombo

The Native Series consists of six volumes devoted to the lore and lyrics of Canada's Native Peoples collected and annotated by John Robert Colombo with new editorial matter published in a uniform edition co-operatively by Colombo & Company and The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box.
John Robert Colombo is nationally known as the Master Gatherer for his compilations of Canada. In the 1980s and 1990s, he surveyed Native experience and shamanistic imagination and compiled and introduced these six volumes which were issued at the time by smaller publishing house in quite limited editions.
The Native Series is now being offered to readers, collectors, and scholars with an interest in Native studies, Canadian and North American folklore, and imaginative literature, in the following formats: boxed set of six separate trade paperback volumes.


   Songs of the Indians
   Trade Paperback 270pp.
   ISBN 1-55246-546-2 @ $40.00


   Poems of the Inuit
   Trade Paperback 140pp.
   ISBN 1-55246-547-0 @ $20.00


   The Mystery of the Shaking Tent
   Trade Paperback 284pp.
   ISBN 1-55246-548-9 @ $40.00


   Trade Paperback 226pp.
   ISBN 1-55246-549-7 @ $40.00


   Voices of Rama
   Trade Paperback 130pp.
    ISBN 1-55246-550-0 @ $30.00


   Songs of the Great Land
   Trade Paperback 126pp. plus Index.
   ISBN 1-55246-551-9 @ $20.00
Set of all six Volumes,
ISTC A032010000000BDC
ISBN 1-894540-62-X @ $175.00