Pipe Dreams
Sax Rohmer
Foreword by Lawrence Knapp
Introduced by John Robert Colombo


The Table of Contents
Pipe Dreams Series
1. The Birth of Fu Manchu
    2. I Planned to Kill Hindenburg!
    3. Dancing Girl of Egypt ... The Green Eyes of Bâst
    4. The Phantom Hound of Holm Peel
    5. Mysteries of Egypt
    6. The Voodoo Shepherd
    7. When Little Tich Walked Off
    8. "Breaking the Bank" at Monte Carlo
    9. Were Houdini’s Feats Supernatural?
    10. Eager Old Lady of the Atlantic
    11. Nelson Keys and Captain Kettle
    12. On the Red Road to Aleppo
    Supplement: "Live Instruments of Villainy"
Lloyd’s Magazine Series
    Dark Forces in Statecraft
    Phryné in Pharaoh-Land
    The Magic of the Nile
    The City of a Hundred Gates
    The Unwrapped Mummy
    The Pearl of the Nile
    The Halls of Mystery
    My Impression of the Great Pyramid
    The Occult East
    The Music of Magic
    Sorcery and Science
    Preface to Apollogia Alchymiae
    Anecdotes of a Writer
    The Mystery of the Locked Room
    The Birth of Fu Manchu
    Meet Dr. Fu Manchu
    A Journey in Space
    Foreword to Tribute to the King
    Death of the Jade Bride
    Here and There
    The Curse of a Hundred Kings
    How Fu Manchu Was Born
    The Birth of Fu Manchu
    Two Stories from Pause!
    The Doctor’s Blade
    The Polyglot Mr. Rohmer

Quality Trade Paperback, 299 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-208-1   25.00

When you think of Sax Rohmer, you also think about his literary creation, the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, the super-villain who in over one dozen, fast-paced novels seeks to dominate the world. But there is another Sax Rohmer, the British author of over seventy novels and collections of fiction, many of them set in the Middle East. Now add to his lively achievement the first-ever collection of the writer’s non-fiction. Pipe Dreams consists of thirty-five occasional articles and sketches, many of them memoirs, which between the 1910s and the 1950s appeared in newspapers and magazines in England and the United States. In these works Rohmer shares his insights into sorcery, occultism, astral travel, musical-hall personalities, Great War experiences, friendship with Harry Houdini, views on crime prevention, and the inspiration behind the creation of Fu Manchu. These works have been collected for the first time by John Robert Colombo. The foreword has been contributed by noted Rohmer expert Lawrence Knapp.

Sax Rohmer (1883-1959), one of the world’s most successful writers of popular fiction writers during the interwar years, published more than seventy works of exotic, oriental, mystery, detective, and thriller fiction.

John Robert Colombo, author and anthologist, compiled Rohmer’s The Sumuru Omnibus, co-wrote Rohmer’s Tears of Our Lady, and co-edited Rohmer’s The Crime Magnet.

Lawrence Knapp is a professor of English who founded and maintains The Page of Fu Manchu, the comprehensive site on the Internet for readers intrigued with Rohmeriana.

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