The Sumuru Omnibus
by Sax Rohmer
With an Introduction "International Woman of Mystery" by John Robert Colombo


Cover Art by Bill Anderson

  Sins of Sumuru (1950)
  Slaves of Sumuru (1952)
  Virgin in Flames (1953)
  Sand and Satin (1955)
  Sinister Madonna (1956)

Only available for sale in Canada

The Lost Treasures of the Pulps #46
Folio Hard Cover 448 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-888-3  $80.00

The Sumuru Omnibus consists of five novels written in the 1950s by Sax Rohmer (1883-1959), the mystery story writer famed for introducing into the realm of crime and mystery fiction the disturbing figure of Dr. Fu Manchu, "the devil incarnate in one man," some of whose adventures are collected in The Book of Fu Manchu. Other of this author’s mystery novels appear in the Sax Rohmer Omnibus. If today there seems to be something passť about this "sinister Chinaman," there is nothing at all passť about another of Rohmer’s literary creations, the lesser-known but even more intriguing figure of the mysterious and seductive woman who is called ... Sumuru.

Sumuru! A femme fatal of undetermined background but of undeniable power and beauty, Sumuru is an international "woman of mystery" who heads the clandestine Order of Our Lady which inspires beautiful and clever woman to recruit handsome and brilliant men to bring about an esthetic revolution in world affairs, one that will initiate an era of peace, beauty, and prosperity in place of what we have today: war, ugliness, and want.

In these pages will be found the exciting action familiar to readers of the Fu Manchu novels, along with the presence of a strong and cunning woman who presents a challenge to the governments and corporations that lead and mislead the modern world. Here are the full texts of Rohmer’s five, imaginative, action-packed novels—Nude in Mink, Sumuru, The Fire Goddess, Return of Sumuru, Sinister Madonna — which were originally published in New York City and London between 1950 and 1956. Here is your invitation to join the Order of Our Lady ....

John Robert Colombo has been called "a Superfan" for championing of fantastic literature. He is mainly known for tomes like Colombo’s Canadian Quotations and compilations like The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories. But he takes pride in having compiled Other Canadas, the first collection of Canadian fantastic literature, and having co-edited Not to Be Taken at Night, the country’s first anthology of its literature of horror and terror. He has also edited The Canadian Tales of Algernon Blackwood as well as Leacock’s Mysteries and Leacock’s Fantasia devoted to the genre writings of Stephen Leacock. The publication of The Sumuru Omnibus offers Colombo, long a fan and a collector of Sax Rohmer’s books, a splendid opportunity to present to a new generation of readers these Sumuru novels in all their rich, period texture and feel.

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