The Crime, Mystery and Gangster Fiction Magazine Index

Philip Stephensen-Payne, Bill Contento and Stephen T. Miller

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The Crime, Mystery & Gangster Fiction Magazine Index (or Crime Fiction Index in short) is an attempt to provide an index to crime fiction magazines in the same style as the classic Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index compiled by Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento. It will be available both in CD-ROM format from Locus Press and as a series of luxury hardback volumes from the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box.

The index is based (with permission) on the two classic indexes in this field (both now long out of print):

  1. Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Fiction: A Checklist of Fiction in U.S. Pulp Magazines, 1915-1974 compiled by Michael L. Cook and Stephen T. Miller
  2. Monthly Murders: A Checklist and Chronological Listing Of Fiction In The Digest-Size Mystery Magazines In The United States And England compiled by Michael L. Cook
As well as making the contents of these classic indexes available to a modern audience, the new index also includes a huge amount of new material, including: The new index also corrects many of the errors that inadvertently crept into the previous indexes.

As can be imagined with a project of this magnitude (comprising over 12,000 issues from over 550 different magazines), the compilers would welcome any offers of assistance from anyone who has access to some of these magazines and is prepared to help out.

In particular:

  1. The core of the index has been compiled from OCR scans of the two original indexes, rather than from the magazines themselves, and as such inevitably reproduce some of the mistakes inherent in those indexes (as well as undoubtedly introducing some new ones). We would love to hear from anyone who has a collection (whether large or small) of crime fiction magazines and would be prepared to compare the relevant sections of the index against their collections.
  2. There are still a number of small gaps in earlier magazines (see here for a full list), but we would particularly love to hear from anyone who has any copies of a handful of US magazines for which there are significant gaps:
    • Cabaret Stories
    • Giant Manhunt
    • Midnight/Midnight Mystery Stories/Midnight Mysteries
    • Over My Dead Body!
    • Real Detective Tales (and Mystery Stories)
    • Red Herring Mystery Magazine
    • Scientific Detective (Annual) (not the same as Scientific Detective Monthly)
    • The Underworld (Magazine)
  3. Although the index contains many hundred issues of magazines published outside the US, the coverage of these is still woefully incomplete and we would love to hear from anybody who has crime magazines published in the UK (particularly reprint editions of US pulps), Australia, Canada, South Africa or New Zealand (or, indeed, any other country publishing crime magazines in the English language).
Crime, Mystery and Gangster Fiction Magazine Index
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