We Stand on Guard
Michael Richardson and John Robert Colombo


We Stand on Guard is the first and so far only comprehensive collection of the songs, poems, and verses of Canadians in battle. It brings together famous poems ("In Flanders Fields"), well-loved songs ("Mademoiselle from Armentières"), and previously unpublished verses ("The Fenian Blood-Hounds") to dramatize the history of Canada, conflict by conflict.

Over three hundred years of martial experience are covered, from the early Indian battles through rebellions and insurrections to the World Wars (and even World War III). Many of the contributors are poets as well known as Earle Birney, Robert W. Service, Charles G.D. Roberts, Al Purdy, Alden Nowlan, and Raymond Souster; others are soldier-poets unknown to literary history who put into words the meaning of heroism, sacrifice and human suffering.

We Stand on Guard was compiled by John Robert Colombo and Michael Richardson in 1985 and first reprinted in 1998. The compilers explain in their Introduction that far from being a glorification of warfare, this anthology is a tribute to the spirit of man and the love of freedom. The same note is sounded in the Foreword, which was contributed by Richard Rohmer.

John Robert Colombo has been called "the Master Gatherer" for his many collections of Canadian lore and literature. Among his more than 180 books are Colombo's Canadian Quotations, Canadian Literary Landmarks, Mysterious Canada, and Colombo's All-Time Great Canadian Quotations.

Michael Richardson works in the North York Public Library System. He is the editor of Maddened by Mystery, the first anthology of Canadian detective fiction, and Double Double, an international anthology of short fiction on the subject of doublegoing. He is also a founding member of the Crime Writers of Canada. Richardson and Colombo collaborated on Not to Be Taken at Night, a compilation of Canadian tales of horror and terror.

Richard Rohmer contributed the Foreword. Major-General Richard Rohmer, CCM, DFC, CStJ, CD, QC, BA, LL.D, former Chief of Reserve of the Canadian Armed Forces, is a leading barrister and solicitor as well as a best-selling novelist.
Quality Paperback, 240 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-763-3 @ $30.00

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