Immortal Sleuth, Sherlockian Musings and Memories
Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison (1907-1991) is a legend in the Sherlockian world. This book, written just shortly before Mr. Harrison's death, is not only a true classic of Sherlockian literature, but it is truly delightful reading. Here's a sample of Mr. Harrison's prose taken from his own introduction to Immortal Sleuth: " I have subtitled this . . . book, ‘Sherlockian Musings and Memories.' That ‘Memories' is, I think, not likely to call for any explanation: in eighty years, I have had, praise Heaven!, more than my fair share of passing through truly memorable times, and meeting many memorable people. Age alone . . . will fill the cup of Memory to overflowing - so that of the ‘Memories' in this book, I have been able to give but the smallest part of my huge store. . ." But that "smallest part" is a fantastic exploration of Sherlockian history and "folklore" through which the author conducts the reader in a most delightful manner. 211 pages, hard cover, numerous photos and other graphics. A true classic not to be in print long.
The Gasogene Press, Dubuque, Iowa (1983)
Hard Cover, 211 pages
ISBN-10: 0-938501-01-1  @ $25.00

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