The Weird Western Adventures of Haakon Jones
by Aaron Larson

Cover by Scott Churchill

Haakon rides off an 1970s Minnesota farm and into a lifetime of weird and wonderful adventures in this — the first complete collection of stories concerning a real, one-of-a-kind hero. Over the course of forty years, Haakon faces every weird menace from the walking dead of the Caribbean to the Big Foot of the Northwest.

Here are 36 "stories of science fiction, fantasy & horror" written by author Aaron B. Larson. These tales were originally printed in Classic Pulp Fiction Stories, Double Danger Tales, Of Unicorns and Space Stations, and Trails. Larson dedicates his first collection to the memory of Robert E. Howard. Enjoy the adventures of adventurer Haakon Jones set in times past throughout the Continental United States. Trade paperback, drawing on cover.

Trade Paperback, 295p.
ISBN 1-55246-164-5 $24.00


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