The Stephen Leacock Library
Edited by George A. Vanderburgh

Volume One
Literary Lapses (1910) A5 — Done
Nonsense Novels (1911) A7 — Done
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (1912) A11 — Done
Behind the Beyond and Other Contributions to Human Knowledge (1913) A12 — Loan from Museum
Arcadian Adventures of the Idle Rich (1914) A16 — Done

Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy (1915) A21 — Done
Essays and Literary Studies (1916) A22 — Done
Further Foolishness: Sketches and Satires on the Follies of the Day (1916) A24 — Loan from Museum
Mark Twain (B25) from Bill Latimer
Frenzied Fiction (1917) A26 — Done
The Hohenzollerns in America: With the Bolsheviks in Berlin, and Other Impossibilities (1919) A29 — Done
Winsome Winnie, and Other New Nonsense Novels (1920) A32 — Loan from Museum
My Discovery of England (1922) A37 — Done

Over the Footlights and Other Lunacies (1923) A39 — Done
College Days (1923) A40 — Loan from Museum
The Garden of Folly (1924) A43 — Loan from Museum
Winnowed Wisdom (1926) A44 — Done
Short Circuits (1928) A52 — Done

The Iron Man and The Tin Woman, and Other Such Futurities (1929) A53 — Loan from Museum
Wet Wit and Dry Humour (1931) A57 — Done
The Dry Pickwick and Other Incongruities (1932) A59 — Loan from Museum
Afternoons in Utopia: Tales of the New Times (1932) A61 — Loan from Museum
Charles Dickens (A65) from Bill Latimer
Lincoln Frees the Slaves (A67) from Bill Latimer
The Greatest Pages of Charles Dickens [1934] A69
The Pursuit of Knowledge: A Discussion of Freedom and Compulsion in Education [1934] A70
Humour: Its Theory and Technique (1935) A73c — Done
Hellements of Hickonomics in Hiccoughs of Verse Done in Our Social Planning Mill (1936) A78 — Done

Funny Pieces: A Book of Random Sketches (1936) A80 — Done
My Discovery of the West (1937) A82 Governor General's Award 1937 — Done
Here Are My Lectures and Stories (1937) A83 — Done
Humour and Humanity (1937) A84 — Done
Model Memoirs, and Other Sketches from Simple to Serious (1938) A86 — Loan from Museum

Too Much College (1939) A88 — Loan from Museum
My Remarkable Uncle and Other Sketches (1942) A93 — Loan from Museum
How to Write (1943) A96 — Done
Happy Stories Just to Laugh At (1943) A99 — Loan from Museum
Last Leaves (1945) A103 — Loan from Museum
The Boy I Left Behind Me (1946) (A104) — Loan from Museum

List and Future Books to Scan
Elements of Political Science (A2)
Economic Prosperity in the British Empire (A54)
Montreal, Seaport and City (A95)
Our British Empire (A89d-e)
Our Heritage of Liberty (A94)
The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice (A31, A124)

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