Going Home
Originally published as Intra Muros
Rebecca Ruter Springer
Introduction by Kay Price


An after life experience which provides comforting and provides solace to the terminally ill, and their families going through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. A read which will heal the living.

(Angel Cover) Paperback, 110 pp.
ISBN 1-896648-55-X $15.00


With Additional Foreword by Karen J. Harding

Going Home is subtitled Through the Gates of Heaven, The Author's Account of Her After-Life Experience in Heaven. Originally Published in 1898 as Intra Muros. Rebecca Ruter Springer (1832-1904) was "known to be a devout Christian woman." Here she records her visions of the world beyond. The editor, Kay Price, is a private detective and August Derleth scholar. Period line drawings. Trade paperback, four-colour cover.

(Tulips in the Snow Cover) Paperback, 116 pp.
ISBN 1-896648-55-X $15.00


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