Minnesotans in the Media
Minnesotans in TV- Radio & News: The Media

Rolf Canton

Only as an e-book, 410 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-355-2   $10.00


Minnesotans in TV- Radio & News: The Media

"TV Troops:" Eddie Albert, James Arness, Loni Anderson, Richard Dean Anderson, Pinky Lee, Julia Duffy, Peter Graves, Peter Krause, Jim Lange, Dorothy Lyman, Breckin Meyer, E.G. Marshall, Marion Ross, Kevin Sorbo, David Soul, Lea Thompson, Robert Vaughn, Samantha Harris, Lizz Winstead & 5 dozen more.

From "Radio Voices:" True Don Bleu, Ray Scott, Connie Goldman, Leigh Kamman, Hal Searls, Kevin Harlan, Steve Cannon, Garrison Keillor, George Putnam, & 12 more.

"News Crews:" Dave Moore, Cyndy Brucato, Gretchen Carlson, David Blume, Eric Sevareid, Harry Reasoner, Tom Friedman, Rebecca Jarvis, Randi Kaye, Ron & Paul Magers, Charles Kuralt, Michele Tafoya, + 2 dozen more. 153 mini-bio essays in all!

This ends Rolf Canton’s trilogy on show-biz Minnesotans:

Also by Rolf Canton

Minnesotans in the Movies & Behind the Cameras: Minnesotans in the Movies, Vol. II

(published by Nodin Press, in Minneapolis, 2006, 2007).

"A must read for avid TV fans or for those with pride in our small but special Gopher State!"

— Bob Deflores, Film Historian & Archivist