Remembering Flanders and The Anatomy of Courage
By Many Hands and Lord Moran


    Remembering Flanders

    Why this Book? · by George A. Vanderburgh
In Flanders Fields anonymous Mr. Punch (December 8, 1915)
In Re: John McCrae by Edward Shorter & Susan Bélanger
   Warrior Rising–A Brief Synopsis by Christofer Linford
In Memoriam: John McCrae · 1919 McGill University Yearbook
Les cimetières flamands
Translated into French by J. P. van Noppen
Injured, But Still in the Game by Roméo Dallaire
Jack’s Grave Stone and The Essex Farm
In Flanders Fields · Holograph pages by John McCrae
John McCrae · An Essay in Character by Andrew Macphail
With the Guns · extracts from John McCrae’s diary
"Bonfire" The Chestnut Gentleman
Historical Fiction by Susan Raby-Dunne
John McCrae and the University of Vermont by Jody M. Prescott
Transforming the Wounds of War · by Edward Tick
En los campos de Flandes · Translator Unknown
Sui Campi Delle Fiandre · translated into Italian by Riccardo Venturi
In Vlaanderens velden · translated into Flemish by Herwig Verleyen
In Vlaamse velden · translated into Dutch by Tom Lanoye
In Agro Belgico · translated into Latin by Principal Hutton
Poppies Red or White? · by John Robert Colombo
In Flanders Fields the Poppies Grow [sic] Sheet Music by John Philip Sousa
In Flanders Fields · a song by J. Deane Wells
Internet Links to Songs and Videos
Remembrance Day Elsewhere by John Robert Colombo
Portrait of John McCrae · by Evan MacDonald
"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" by Ron Cheek
The Twenty-nine Poems · by John McCrae
Clan MacRae · by Finley Mullally
Suggested Reading and Acknowledgments
Two Caricatures by Anthony Jenkins centre fold pictured below

        A tumble-turn book. Quality Trade Paperback, 114 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-55497-434-1  $60.00

The Anatomy of Courage 141pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-55497-436-8  as above not available separately

     Of how imagination helps some men and destroys others
2  Cowardice
3  The birth of fear
4  Moods
5  How courage is spent
6  Nemesis of deception
No rest, no moment’s peace
8  Exposure
9  At sea
10  The safe-keeping of the pilot
11  While one by one their moral props were knocked down
12  Thoughts that fester in the mind and bring defeat
13  The battle of the Somme
14  A trench raid
15  Monotony
16  Death
17  Selection
18  Discipline
19  The support of numbers
20  Leadership



A "John McCrae" challenge coin (numbered from 1-500) was distributed to the soldiers on parade in Ottawa on May3, 2015, and to the soldiers in uniform at Guelph in June 2015. Please see the article in the CNA journal by clicking on this link. This is an article from the CNA Journal November 2015 

   Download the article: "A Challenge Coin to Remember" by Ron Cheek

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