Monsters of the Purple Twilight
Ernest Dudley


    Paperback 214 pp.
    ISBN 1-55246-721-X @ $25.00

Illustrations 6
Introduction to Second Edition by David Skene-Melvin 9
Acknowledgments 11

1. “The Greatest Donkey” 13
2. The Gilt Eagle 22
3. The Baby-killers 35
4. Churchill takes a Hand 48
5. “Whom the Gods loved ...” 60
6. Führer of the Zepps 73
7. The Guns of London 85
8. Bigger and Better Zepps 93
9. The Fiery Bullet 104
10. Hero of the Night 112
11. “Cheer, Boys, Cheer” 127
12. The Listening-posts 138
13. The Zeppelin-spies 143
14. Flying High and Flying-boat 151
15. Endurance Test 164
16. The Silent Armada 174
17. Strasser’s Last Bow 188
18. The Scuttlers 205


War Artist’s Impression of a Zeppelin over the Thames destroyed by Gunfire 8
November 10, 1908, after LZ3's Trial Flight: the Kaiser
decorates Zeppelin with the Order of the Black Eagle 18

Zeppelin and Friends off for a Flight in 1909 19

Winston Churchill at the Controls of a Short No. 2
Instructional Aeroplane in 1912 26

Machine-gun Post in the Rear of a Zeppelin’s Gondola 34

An East Coast, House, Victim of a Zeppelin’s Bombs,
also with its Interior exposed 36

Zeppelin Ace Oberleutnant von Buttlar with Leutnant von Schiller 38

Flight-Lieutenant R.A.J. Warneford, R.N.A.S., V.C. 63

Lehmann’s Bright Idea: an Observation-car to be lowered
from a Zeppelin — with an Observer 40

Captain Lanoe George Hawker, R.F.C., V.C., D.S.O. 43

Warneford’s Wooden 80-hp. Morane, in which he bombed LZ37 65

Zeppelin Crews and Ground Staff training with the Old Hansa
in 1916 76

British War Artist Montague Dawson’s Impression of
the King Stephen leaving L19 to her Fate 96

Propeller of L33, shot down by Lieutenant Alfred de Bath Brandon
on September 24, 1916 99

Lieutenant William Leefe Robinson, R.F.C., V.C. 105

L20 ends up in the Hafrsfjord, on the Norwegian Coast 107

A Best-selling Picture-postcard of the Day 111

A Zeppelin with its Interior exposed 179

German War Artist’s Somewhat Imaginative Impression
of a Zeppelin Raid on an East Coast Port 187

In the Control Gondola of L59 189

Bomb-aimer’s Switchboard in a Zeppelin’s Control Gondola 190

Fregattenkapitän Peter Strasser, Führer of the Zepps 194

L53 prior to taking off on her Last Flight 209


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