Cynological Mr. Holmes: Conanical Canines Considered
Michael Harrison

e-Book, 44 pp. (Tina Rhea #63)
ISBN 978-1-55497-323-1    $10.00

Cynology is a word that I have sought in vain in any of my dictionaries, and though I feel that it has originated with me, please note that I have constructed it on strictly regular principles. It means, then: ‘Relating to; having to do with; concerned with; Dogs’ — and the title of this monograph is fully justified in its subject, which is Mr Sherlock Holmes in his aspect of Cynologist: a person having to do with; being concerned with; Dogs.

We cannot, of course, say how many dogs Sherlock Holmes was concerned with in the course of his life; not even in the course of a professional career extending over some thirty years. There are no mentions of dogs — or of canine-associated happenings—in Watson’s brief references to those dozens of Unreported Cases; and what of the cases which never had even those brief and casually en passant references ...? ...