Decorated Mr. Holmes
Michael Harrison

  The Orders, Decorations, Medals and Other Marks of Distinction Acknowledging His Unique Successes

The News, widely carried throughout the world’s press, that Mr. David Spink, of the internationally famous fine-art dealers, Spink & Son, Ltd., of St. James’s, had been instructed to sell, for charity, Mr. Sherlock Holmes’s collection of Orders and Decorations has called attention to an important but little-known aspect of the eminent Consulting Detective’s life.

In recounting the mere memorable of Mr. Holmes’s cases, his dedicated biographer, Dr. John H. Watson, has been surprisingly—and, many think, inexplicably—reticent on the subject of those marks of distinction that, over a long and consistently successful professional career, Mr. Holmes gained from grateful and most exalted clients. Dr. Watson has told us of the Legion d’Honneur awarded to Mr. Holmes by a grateful French government; and he has also mentioned the valuable emerald tie-pin with which Queen Victoria was happy to acknowledge her deep sense of obligation to Mr. Holmes’s many services for the British Royal Family; but on those other— and they were numerous—marks of distinction earned by Mr. Holmes, Dr. Watson is silent.

In this monograph, I shall endeavour, to the best of my ability, to list, in chronological order, the various marks of distinction earned by Mr. Holmes ...

e-Book, 42 pp. (Tina Rhea #61)
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