Michael Harrison

    Table of Contents

        Foreword. A word to readers still in this world
    I. ‘Now you see him, now you don’t’
    II. Never Seen Again
    III. A Step into the Parlour
    IV. Wanderers in Space and Time
    V. Disappearance en masse
    VI. Foci of Fatality
    VII. Lost at Sea
    VIII. Pilgrims of the Ocean Wastes
    IX. ‘On desolate seas long wont to roam . . .’
    X. ‘A grey mist on the sea’s face . . .’—and on the land
    XI. The Sky’s the Limit
    XII. Travellers in Other Dimensions
    XIII. Down in the Forest Something Stirred . . .
    XIV. Ships that Pass in the Night . . . and Day
    XV. Solutions in Search of a Problem

e-Book, 144 pp. (Tina Rhea #60)
ISBN 978-1-55497-360-6   $10.00

Begin at the beginning. With the evidence: the hundreds of cases, worldwide, of Vanishings, all carefully documented by Michael Harrison. The people who, singly, in twos, in groups, in sequences, simply disappeared. Look for the ‘rational’ explanations: amnesia, foul play, deliberate decision, accident.

Consider, coolly and thoughtfully, how case after case is completely unexplained by ‘normal’ standards. Consider the footsteps in the snow that just came to an end.

Consider the Forest of Disappearing Children in California.

Consider the 2,988 troops of Colonel Li Fu Sien who vanished overnight.

Consider. And then start to wonder, along with Michael Harrison, whether these people did not just vanish but were taken. Notice also that a few, a very few, came back, were found wandering, much later, in strange places, their memories wiped blank. Consider then, if they had been Taken, by whom and for what purposes. Remember finally that intelligent Life must exist elsewhere in this universe.