Mulberry: The Return in Triumph
Michael Harrison

e-Book, 270 pp. with illos and Index (Tina Rhea #47)
ISBN 978-1-55497-483-2    $10.00

Michael Harrison is the creative director (technical) of one of Britain’s leading advertising agencies. His previous appointments have included those of managing editor of a large group of technical and industrial journals, and director of public relations for another leading London advertising agency. He has also had experience as a market research executive and as an independent consultant in the industrial and technical field. He was founder-editor of The British Ink Maker and Valvology.

A prize-winning copywriter, editor and author, he has written over fifty published works and has been a frequent contributor over many years to British and foreign technical and other journals. He is a Fellow of the Royal Economic Society; a Member of the Institute of Public Relations, the British Industrial Advertising Association and the British Society of Rheology; and an Associate Member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.