Mulberry: The Return in Triumph
Michael Harrison


   Chapter One. Mountbatten and Mulberry
    Chapter Two. The First Rule of Chess
    Chapter Three. The New Broom
    Chapter Four. The Department of Wild Talents
    Chapter Five. American Intervention
    Chapter Six. Conversation with a "Transport Dictator"
    Chapter Seven. Whose Idea was it?
    Chapter Eight. The Nature of the Far Shore
    Chapter Nine. Round-up, Bolero and Torch
    Chapter Ten. Decision at Largs
    Chapter Eleven. Decision at Quebec
    Chapter Twelve. "Red Rose"—the Girl with all the Secrets
    Chapter Thirteen. Trouble with the Military
    Chapter Fourteen. What the Germans thought
    Chapter Fifteen. The Americans Fear the Worst
    Chapter Sixteen. "Ahab" and the King
    Chapter Seventeen. The Harbours Sail to France

e-Book, 250 pp. with illos & Index (Tina Rhea #45)
ISBN 978-1-55497-481-8 $10.00

A real contribution to history—General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower

This is one of the Great Stories of World War II—the first major book on the amazing artificial harbours that were used to secure the allied landings in France after the invasion.

The heroes of this exciting story are Earl Mountbatten (who eventually persuaded President Roosevelt and his advisers at the Quebec Conference that the Mulberry project was essential); Sir Harold Wernher, who did the main job of co-ordination; and Winston Churchill, who was convinced that an artificial harbour was the only way to secure landings, and gave his full support to Mulberry from its inception.

All the details of the various plans are given—some of which proved futile—until, finally, Mulberry was evolved by the skill of British engineers and contractors, aided by a few Americans who were less hostile to the plan than most of their compatriots. The author has handled his material with outstanding skill and interest.