Higher Things
Michael Harrison

A Rowchester Novel #1 (1945)

e-Book, 162 pp. (Tina Rhea #15)
ISBN 978-1-55497-256-2 $10.00

Michael Harrison’s latest novel takes for its theme the fulfilment of a strange wish. To James Faraday, embittered young bank-clerk, came, one evening, the splendid realisation of a fantastic dream.

"How that astonishing fulfilment took the young man from the teller’s desk of a City bank into a series of adventures—grave and gay—is related with all Michael Harrison’s accustomed wit and skill: this distinguished novelist has never had a more arresting theme to develop, nor developed it with more success.

Set in modern times, the tale of James Faraday, for all its fantasy and satire, provides a shrewd commentary on certain aspects of our modern world, and its carefully drawn portraits are instinct with the very breath of reality.

By turns, dramatic and comic, the story is consistently gripping; and the many admirers of Mr. Harrison’s pen will thoroughly enjoy the narrative of James Faraday’s astonishing adventure.