What Are We Waiting For?
Michael Harrison

        A Novel

e-Book, 240 pp. (Tina Rhea #09)
ISBN 978-1-55497-379-8 $10.00


Professor Bonamy Dobrée has said of Mr. Harrison’s work : " He brings a new mind to the whole business of novel-writing, in style, form and treatment," and many other eminent critics have praised this young writer’s gifts.

What are we Waiting For ...? is contemporary and realist, with an almost brutal realism. Against the background of a typical English middle-class family living in St. John’s Wood, the author introduces an accurate picture of our modern life. Everything is here: the Black-shirts, the Hunger Marchers, Hitler, Mussolini, Lloyd George, the Crisis . . . and all these overpowering influences lightened by the leaven of Mr. Harrison’s delicate and scholarly wit.