Abe Lincoln's Graveyard Ghouls
by John "Jack" Koblas



    Chapter 1 "The Resurrectionists"

    Chapter 2 "The Assassins"

    Chapter 3 "Now He Belongs to the Ages"

    Chapter 4 "Ben Boyd and The Driggs Gang"

    Chapter 5 "Stealing Lincoln’s Body"

    Quality Trade Paperback, 166 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-180-0   $20.00

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John J. Koblas, an outstanding historian and fascinating story teller, has resurrected a forgotten piece of American history involving this country’s most famous president, Abraham Lincoln. A great true story wonderfully researched and written. — Julie A.Schrader, Author 

John Koblas has done a remarkable job in combining and placing the stories of the Dakota Hanging, Lincoln Assassination and the Plot to Steal Lincoln’s Body into their broader historical context. The result is a rich tapestry that blends fact with intrigue. Mr. Koblas’ attention to historical detail is impeccable; he is also a great story-teller.

John Koblas has long been associated with, and recognized as a leading authority on subjects relating to western history, particularly the James-Younger Gang. With the publication of Abe Lincoln’s Graveyard Ghouls, Mr. Koblas has ably demonstrated that his abilities as a scholar extend into the field of Lincoln Studies as well.

—Bryce O. Stenzel, Author of Lincoln for the StAGES: A Collection of Dramatic Plays on the Life and Legacy of America’s Civil War President

* * * * *

Jack Koblas has "been there, done that," with a writing career that began in the 1940s with his first story, "Monkey and the Circus Lady." Although it was far from publishable, the author has never quit writing and is closing in on the hundred published book mark. His talents have made him the recipient of this year’s Minnesota Fantasy Award, a prestigious lifetime achievement honor for his contributions to the horror/fantasy field.

Koblas has already captured three Milton F. Perry Awards—2002 for Best Research; 2004 for Best Film Documentary, Jesse James Northfield Raid: Confessions of the Ninth Man; and 2009 for Best Western Novel, Outlaw Billy Stiles. He also received the Charlie Pitts Award in 2001, the John Newman Edwards Award in 2004, and a special award in commemoration of the St. Paul Walk of Fame Honoring Great Minnesotans from the Governor in 1986. He has also been recognized for his musical skills being inducted into the Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame in 2007.