Invasions of America (1939-1945)
by John "Jack" Koblas

Everybody knows about Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers ... hardly anybody recalls the Battle of Los Angeles, the Fire Balloon Attacks, and the Battle of St. Lawrence ... and nobody wants to remember what really happened at Santa Monica in California and Fort Stevens in Oregon. Then there are those long-forgotten names of the deadly spy rings – Operation Pastorius and Operation Elster – that operated with impunity in the United States.

Yes, the enemies of America attacked its cities and towns between 1941 and 1945, and the government censored the information and conspired to cover it up ... until now. The battle-sites of World War II are not confined to Europe and the Far East ... they extend to mainland and island U.S. and also to South America, Mexico, and Canada.

Here are the astonishing stories behind these invasions ... told with great skill by Jack Koblas, the widely published journalist based in Minnesota who specializes in historical research and investigative reporting – particularly with respect to outlaws and criminals. In these pages the criminals are the enemies of America!

    Quality Trade Paperback, 230 pp.
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