The Detective Fiction of John Russell Fearn
John Russell Fearn


The prolific English writer John Russell Fearn (1908-1960) is esteemed for his "Golden Amazon" series which appeared over the years in the Toronto Star Weekly. Readers of pulp magazines like Amazing Stories and Weird Tales will also recognize Fearn's byline.

Here is action-filled adventure aplenty! The editor of this series of four illustrated volumes is Philip Harbottle.
Volume One: The Star Weekly Thrillers of John Russell Fearn. "The Detective Fiction Novels Written for the Toronto Star Weekly between 1945 and 1957". Nine short novels.
ISBN 1-55246-630-2 @ $90.00

Volume Two: Scientific Detective Stories. Eight short novels published between 1949 and 1955 including one previously unpublished.
Volume 2 Folio sized, Hard Cover, 450 double-columned pages.
ISBN 1-55246-631-0 @ $90.00


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