War Christmas
Dwight Whalen

With "Reflecting Back" an interview with Barnett J. Danson


         Trade Paperback 184pp.
         ISBN 978-1-55246-875-5 @ $20.00

What has been called "the human side of war" has been brought to the "home front" through this series of poignant letters, all of them penned by our troops overseas and printed in the correspondence columns of the hometown newspapers of the Niagara Peninsula during the Christmas season. Students of military and social history and of Canadiana should stand up and salute researcher and writer Dwight Whalen for the vast labour that he has undertaken on their behalf — and on ours.

— John Robert Colombo, author and anthologist

Dwight Whalen is a freelance writer who was born and lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario. His special interests are the area’s colourful local history as well as stories of the strange-but-true variety. He has published articles in the St. Catharines Standard and other newspapers in the Niagara area, as well as articles about anomalies in Fate magazine, Fortean Times, and The Anomalist.

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