The Adventure, Espionage and War Fiction Magazine Index
Miller and Cook, Philip Stephensen-Payne and Bill Contento


This project is underway, and the user can seek up-to-date information by accessing

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The War, Espionage, and Adventure Fiction Magazine Index (or Adventure Fiction Index in short) is an attempt to provide an index to adventure fiction magazines in the same style as the classic Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index compiled by Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento, and the Crime, Mystery & Gangster Fiction Magazine Index currently being compiled by Phil Stephensen-Payne, Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento. It will be available both in CD-ROM format from Locus Press and as a series of luxury hardback volumes from the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box.

The index is based (with permission) on the two classic indexes in this field (both now long out of print):
  1. Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Fiction: A Checklist of Fiction in U.S. Pulp Magazines, 1915-1974 compiled by Michael L. Cook and Stephen T. Miller
  2. The Pulp Magazine Index compiled by Len Robbins
As well as making the contents of these classic indexes available to a modern audience, the new index also includes a huge amount of new material, including: The new index also corrects many of the errors that inadvertently crept into the previous indexes.


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