The Puritan's Wife
Max Pemberton
Profusely Illustrated by Sidney Paget



    An Introduction
    I. I Fall to Thinking of Old Days
    II. Parson Ford Comes to Ambresbury
    III. We Are Escorted by the Night Birds
    IV. The Affair in the Warren
    V. Sir Nathaniel Goulding Lies at Waltham
    VI. We Come to the Park at Windsor
    VII. I Pass the Gates
    VIII. My Lady Marjory Forgets
    IX. In the Devil’s Tower
    X. I Talk with My Lady in the Garden
    XI. A Man Standing in the Moonlight
    XII. I See the Blazing Star
    XIII. Will Monk Has a Word with Me
    XIV. I See London from Afar
    XV. Sir Nathaniel Makes Offer
    XVI. My Lady Marjory Comes to Hampstead
    XVII. I See Israel Wolf Again
    XVIII. An Out Guard of the Night
    XIX. I Follow Israel Wolf
    XX. Northward Upon the Great Road
    XXI. We Pass the Man in the Waggon
    XXII. My Lady Calls from the Wood
    XXIII. I Withhold the Letter
    XXIV. I Would Play Narcissus
    XXV. Parson Ford Finds a Merry Occupation
    XXVI. We Hear a Great Plan
    XXVII. I Draw Sword at the Burn Side
    XXVIII. I Hear a Great Thing of Sir Nathaniel
    XXIX. The Cloaked Man is Known to Me
    XXX. When the Grass Grew in London City
    XXXI. The City of Dreadful Night
    XXXII. Israel Tells of a Great Jest
    XXXIII. I Learn That We Ride to the King
    XXXIV. At the Parting of the Ways

Quality Trade Paperback, 178 pp. with 33 illustrations
ISBN 1-978-55497-357-6      $30.00 
Adobe pdf E-book, 178 pp. with 33 illustrations
ISBN 1-978-55497-358-3      $30.00 

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