The Bow Street Runner
Headon Hill


           Dedicated to Bob Adey

            Table of Contents

I. The Adventure of the Wimbledon Tobyman
II. Lord Wargrave’s Bride
III. The Adventure of the East India Loot
IV. The Adventure of the Old House at Fulham
V. The Adventure of the Prince Regent’s Garter
VI. The Adventure of the Drury Lane Tavern (yet to receive)

    The Headon Hill Omnibus Volume 3

`   Five of the six stories are completed. Richard Fidczyk will do the sixth when he returns from India.

    Richard takes pictures of the pages at The British Library and emails them to me.

    Richard will also take a photo of the frontispiece illustration in The Riddle of the Red House by Thomas Hanshew.

Quality Trade Paperback, 99 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-443-6    $15.00