Portals of Illusion
H. Bedford-Jones

Romantic Moments in History When Destiny Hung on Woman’s Love for Jewels—A Series of Thrilling New Stories of Love and Mystery in Many Lands and Many Ages.

Woman’s often fatal love for jewels has been sung by poets for ages. And grave historians have told how this strange passion has sometimes changed the course of history. Jewels, too, seem to love women—far more than men,

The American Weekly suggested to Mr. Bedford-Jones, following his successful "Empires of the Moon," that he write another brilliant series of short stories upon this affinity between supposedly lifeless gem and very vital woman.

"Portals of Illusion" is the result, The haunted gems into which she peers are the gates of vision for the sensitive Tamyra, revealing to her memories —for some believe jewels possess memories—of their highest moments

"Portals of Illusion" for Tamyra—but were they illusion?

1. The Pearl of Ankor

2. Ismail Takes a Bride

3. The Last Troubadour

4. The Jade Gate

5. The White Stones of Azil

6. The Diamond of Desire

7. The Horizon Opens

8. A Gentleman Visits Ur

9. Buccaneer Ahoy!

10. The Face of Quetzal

11. Cleopatra’s Emerald – Heir of the World

Quality Trade Paperback, 221 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55497-346-0  $20.00