The Old Man in the Corner Omnibus
Baroness Emmuska Orczy

Edited by Stanley E. Smith

The First Cases

The Fenchurch Street Mystery 7
The Robbery in Phillimore Terrace 15
The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway 29
The Theft at the English Provident Bank 49
The Regent's Park Murder 68
The Mysterious Death in Percy Street 80

The Mysteries of Great Cities

The Glasgow Mystery 273
The York Mystery 22
The Liverpool Mystery 36
The Edinburgh Mystery 42
The Dublin Mystery 55
The Brighton Mystery—An Unparalleled Outrage 61
The Birmingham Mystery—The de Genneville Peerage 74
Unravelled Knots [1925]
The Mystery of the Khaki Tunic 89
The Mystery of the Ingres Masterpiece 96
The Mystery of the Pearl Necklace 103
The Mystery of the Russian Prince 111
The Mysterious Tragedy in Bishop's Road 119
The Mystery of the Dog's Tooth Cliff 127
The Tytherton Case 135
The Mystery of Brudenell Court 143
The Mystery of the White Carnation 151
The Mystery of the Montmartre Hat 160
The Miser of Maida Vale 168
The Fulton Gardens Mystery 179
A Moorland Tragedy 189

The Case of Miss Elliott [1905]
The Case of Miss Elliott 199
The Hocussing of Cigarette 205
The Tragedy in Dartmoor Terrace 212
Who Stole the Black Diamonds? 218
The Murder of Miss Pebmarsh 224
The Lisson Grove Mystery 230
The Tremarn Case 236
The Fate of the Artemis 243
The Disappearance of Count Collini 249
The Ayrsham Mystery 255
The Affair at the Novelty Theatre 261
The Tragedy of Barnsdale Manor 267

Other Detective Fiction

Skin o' my Tooth His Memoirs, by his Confidential Clerk
(Patrick Mulligan) [1928]

I. The Murder in Saltashe Woods 281
II. The Case of the Sicilian Prince 288
III. The Duffield Peerage Case 295
IV. The Kazan Pearls 302
V. The Case of Major Gibson 312
VI. The Inverted Five 318
VII. The Turquoise Stud 329
VIII. Overwhelming Evidence 338
IX. The Case of Mrs. Norris 349
X. The Murton-Braby Murder 355
XI. A Shot in the Night 362
XII. The Hungarian Landowner 372

Lady Molly of Scotland Yard [1910]
I. The Ninescore Mystery 383
II. The Frewin Miniatures 390
III. The Irish-Tweed Coat 397
IV. The Fordwych Castle Mystery 404
V. A Day's Folly 411
VI. A Castle in Brittany 419
VII. A Christmas Tragedy 427
VIII. The Bag of Sand 436
IX. The Man in the Inverness Cape 443
X. The Woman in the Big Hat 451
XI. Sir Jeremiah's Will 460
XII. The End 468

The Troop Train Mirror by Sir Arthur Quiller Couch 475
Lady Molly and the Tressider Affair 481
Castles in the Air
Foreword 489
Chapter I. A Roland for his Oliver 491
Chapter II. A Fool's Paradise 500
Chapter III. On the Brink 508
Chapter IV. Carissimo 520
Chapter V. The Toys 531
Chapter VI. Honour Among— 542
Chapter VII. An Over-Sensitive Heart 550

The Man in Grey
Being Episodes of the Chouan Conspiracies
in Normandy during the First Empire

Proem 559
Chapter I. Silver-Leg 561
Chapter II. The Spaniard 579
Chapter III. The Mystery of Marie Vaillant 588
Chapter IV. The Emeralds of Mademoiselle Philippa 597
Chapter V. The Bourbon Prince 605
Chapter VI. The Mystery of a Woman's Heart 613
Chapter VII. The League of Knaves 621
Chapter VIII. The Arrow Poison 629
Chapter IX. The Last Adventure 637


Still looking for these two books to scan and include in this collection

The Miser of Maida Vale
Doran, 1925 (British title?)

A True Woman
Hutchinson 1911.
U.S. title: The Heart of a Woman. Doran, 1911

2 Vol. Hard Cover 670pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-462-5 @$??.00 Not Yet