The Macabre Quarto
August W. Derleth


Launched February 24, 2009 in Sauk City, Wisconsin to celebrate the author's 100th Birthday as a joint publication of Arkham House Publishers and The August Derleth Society

    (Individual Volumes may be purchase through The August Derleth Society)

   The Macabre Quarto (set of 4 Trade Paper Backs) $132.00
   The Macabre Quarto (Set of 4 Hard Covers) $220.00

Volume 1: Who Shall I Say is Calling and Other Stories
The Best of August Derleth's Short Stories
Selected by Stephan Dziemianowicz and Robert Weinberg



    Those Who Seek
    The Bishop Sees Through
    The House in the Magnolias
    The Sheraton Mirror
    The Return of Andrew Bentley
    Birkett's Twelfth Corpse
    Colonel Markesan
    The Shuttered House
    The Panelled Room
    Logoda's Heads
    Here, Daemos!
    A Wig for Miss Devore
    Pacific 421
    The Inverness Cape
    Mrs. Lannisfree
    Mr. George
    The Ghost Walk
    The Lonesome Place
    Mrs. Manifold
    Kingsridge 214
    A Room in a House
    "Who Shall I Say Is Calling?"
    The Dark Boy
    The Lamp of Alhazred
    The Patchwork Quilt
    Miss Esperson
    Ghost Lake
    Afterword by George A. Vanderburgh

Trade Paper Back or Hardcover 328 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-654-4

Other Collections of Short Stories


The Sleepers and Other Wakeful Things

August Derleth's Ghost Stories -- Volume 2

Introduction by Ramsey Campbell

(342 pages)  ISBN-13 978-1-55246-814-2

The Night Rider (1927)
The River (1927)
The Black Castle (1927)
The Turret Room (1927)
The Sleepers (1927)
The Three-Storied House (1928)
The Tenant at Number Seven (1928)
Melodie in E Minor (1929)
The House on the Highway (1929)
The Lilac Bush (1930)
Across the Hall (1930)
Just a Song at Twilight (1930)
Mrs. Bentley's Daughter (1930)
Ghosts Who Re-enact Their Crimes (1931)
Wraiths of the Sea (1931)
Laughter in the Night (1932)
The White Moth (1933)
The Metronome (1935)
Muggridge's Aunt (1935)
Mr. Berbeck Had a Dream (1935)
The Telephone in the Library (1936)
The Wind from the River (1937)
McGovern's Obsession (1937)
Three Gentlemen in Black (1938)
The Vengeance of Ai (1939)
Man in the Dark (1939)
A Message for His Majesty (1939)
The Room in the Annex (1939)
After You, Mr. Henderson (1940)
The Four Who Came Back (1940)
No Light for Uncle Henry (1943)
Alannah (1945)
Carousel (1945)
Dead Man's Shoes (1946)
The Churchyard Yew (1947)
Twilight Play (1949)
The Ormolu Clock (1950) Cover
The Man on B-17 (1950)
The Closing Door (1950)
Pott's Triumph (1950)
A Knocking in the Wall (1951)
Hector (1951)
The Night Road (1952)
The Ebony Stick (1953)
The Disc Recorder (1953)
Complete with Ghost (1958)


That Is Not Dead: Black Magic And Occult Stories of August Derleth

Foreword by David Drake -- Volume 3

(332 pages) ISBN-13 978-1-55246-815-9

The Devil's Pay (1926)
The Inheritors (1929)
He Shall Come (1929)
A Matter of Sight (1930)
The Portrait (1930)
The Whistler (1930)
The Bridge of Sighs (1931)
The Shadow on the Sky (1932)
In the Left Wing (1932)
An Elegy for Mr. Danielson (1933)
Wild Grapes (1934)
The Slanting Shadow (1935)
Glory Hand (1937)
Eyes of the Serpent (1939)
The Second Print (1939)
Mrs. Elting Does Her Part (1939)
A Gift for Uncle Herman (1939)
A Bottle for Corezzi (1939)
Come to Me (1941)
Altimer's Amulet (1941)
Compliments of Spectro (1941)
Mrs. Corter Makes Up Her Mind (1942)
Lansing's Luxury (1942)
A Thin Gentleman with Gloves (1943)
Lady Macbeth of Pimley Square (1944)
The Lost Day (1945)
The Bishop's Gambit (1947)
A Collector of Stones (1946)
The Extra Passenger (1947)
The Night Train to Lost Valley (1948)
The Wind in the Lilacs (1948)
The Tsantsa in the Parlor (1948)
The Blue Spectacles (1949)
The Slayers and the Slain (1949)
The Place of Desolation (1952)
Hallowe'en for Mr. Faulkner (1959)



August Derleth's Eerie Creatures

Introduction by Brian Lumley -- Volume 4

(302 Pages)  ISBN-13 978-1-55246-816-6

Bat's Belfry (1926)
    Nellie Foster (1933)
    The Satin Mask (1936)
    The Drifting Snow (1939)
    The Occupant of the Crypt (1947)

Reanimated Dead
    They Shall Rise (1936)
    The Return of Sarah Purcell (1936)
    Death Holds the Post (1936)
    A Gentleman from Prague (1944)
    Parrington's Pool (1947)

    The Owl on the Moor (1928)
    The Woman at Loon Point (1936)

    The Deserted Garden (1929)
    Old Mark (1929)
    The Place in the Woods (1954)

Imps and Demons
    Scarlatti's Bottle (1929)
    The Captain is Afraid (1931)
    Lesandro's Familiar (1936)
    Bramwell's Guardian (1940)
    Mr. Ames' Devil (1943)
    Baynter's Imp (1943)
    Blessed are the Meek (1948)
    Balu (1949)
    Saunder's Little Friend (1948)

    The Marmoset (1926)
    The Tenant (1928)
    Riders in the Sky (1928)
    The Pacer (1930)
    Red Hands (1932)
    The Carven Image (1932)